Some would say this is it. It’s what we strive for. How is it enough? Is it even the right?

There’s no telling. No telling.

Tell me I’m important. Say it’s just what I needed. I’ve pleaded and pleaded.


How long do I wait ‘til it’s gone?

How long would you say is too long?

Mistakes shape my features. I’m hideous. Mirror mirror. It’s ok, I can see they make me better.

Green eyes and pain. Lonely everyday. We want to surround you. Cover you in love. But you just won’t let us. You shrug us of and ignore.

What I don’t get is why it’s so important, when you just waste it. It doesn’t help. It’s not permanent. It won’t even bring back the time you spent.

We’ll all cool off. It will be ok. Wait another day.